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Different & the same
Father and Son Baking


Welcome to our special space.
E=quivalent, where we can celebrate that we are all different and the same. 
We are a Voluntary organization, aiming to support families and children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability).
Being a parent and carer to someone awesomely autistic, means I know first hand how difficult it can be to find time to look for information and resources, especially with all of the fun of being a parent taking up all of the hours in a day. 
I firmly feel, that every child deserves a chance to be the best they can be and in their own unique way, so I decided to start E=quivalent in 2021. 
We aim to offer spaces and activities for social opportunities, advocacy, educational resources, advice and programmes, supporting the wellbeing of the entire family.
Now I have the opportunity to share the tools and resources gathered by myself and other parents along the years. But I'd also love to learn more from you superhero's who just keep going with so much love and maybe, sometimes, lots of coffee. Please take what you need and feel free to share in our special space.
Always remember, you are E=quivalent too.
Best of luck on your special journey.
Charlene X



Making A Difference

Child smiling in cinema
Image by Scott Graham


Reduce social anxiety and have fun

It can sometimes, be difficult for children with additional needs to access social/public spaces. So we created our own special world of fun.
Our relaxed socially inclusive events, allow the entire family to join in the fun!
Including cinema days with soft chairs, sensory aids to reduce stress during the movie, and plenty of space for wheelchairs and  movement breaks.
Popcorn and snacks are available to enhance the cinema experience, but also creating an opportunity for an interaction too.
And it's just good old fashioned fun.


Improved understanding and awareness

You've heard it before "You must put on your own oxygen mask first".
This best describes what we aim to achieve through our programmes.
We want to support parents with meeting their needs, well enough to ensure that any learning related to our children, can be implemented and followed through, even when things get difficult. 
Programmes are also available, which relate to better understanding your child's needs and experience. Experienced facilitators also provide valuable local knowledge and additional information if needed.


Help navigating requests for support

 Multiple services available to families on an individual needs, based approach.

We have access to professional advice relating to a number of different areas. There are also, highly requested, documents relating to schools within the borough supporting pupils with SEND and information about the process of getting an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) for your child.

Support through this service, is tailored to fit you, because we know very well, that 'a one size fits all' approach doesn't always work.

So please feel free to contact us, even if it's just to say hi.