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Communicating Through Signs


E=quivalent has grown from a need for quick snapshot information and clear signposting to relevant agencies and services.I am a mother experiencing the real life rollercoaster of parenting, with the added thrills and curves of raising a young person with a hidden disability and I often fall short for time, which sometimes means I don't thoroughly research as well as I could.  I have seen this with many other parents too. So I'm hoping to support many of us, who are trying to navigate what may be a world of complexity.Myself and many other parents, families and carers, have been through many experiences and have leaned on one another greatly, for support, guidance and information. And now we'd like to welcome you into our E=quivalent family, because indeed we are all different, but we are also the same.This is where our special story has led us and we hope that we can be a positive part of yours too.

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